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Holding Hands

Relationship Therapy

Relationships go through challenging times. 

External factors, e.g.: financial issues, the current global pandemic or health concerns, can bring pressure to any relationship, as can factors within the dynamic of the relationship itself e.g.: miscommunication, difference in character and opinion, general conflict and the inability to resolve it - the list goes on. 

Being too close to each other can often prevent people from working through the issues they are facing. 

Many people seek out relationship therapy when their own relationship is at breaking point; therapy does not need to wait until that point.

Having a third, objective person there, providing a safe, supportive and held space to talk things through, can make a huge difference.  That is what I will provide in our sessions.  In addition, I will work with you, using tools and techniques that you can then use outside of our sessions.

Contact me for more information.

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