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Full permission has been given to share these testimonials publicly.

Due to confidentiality, the names of the clients quoted here, have been changed.

Dramatic Dew Drops


I saw Madeline regularly for around four years, to help me deal with the grief of losing a family member and issues from my childhood.  The sessions really helped and I started to feel the benefit quite early on. 

Madeline is always very warm and welcoming and I felt totally at ease discussing my feelings and personal life with her.  My appointments became part of my life and I looked forward to them.

Orange Blossom


I credit my time working with Madeline for massive change in my life and reclamation of my personal power, leading to a more rewarding career and better relationships. I will always be grateful for her supportive and holding presence and genuine warmth and empathy.

Hot Air Balloons


Sessions with Madeline have been invaluable. I arrived angry, anxious and unable to process my emotions effectively. Madeline’s patient and warm approach encouraged me to overcome my fears and learn how to express myself in a way that felt comfortable. I emerged calmer, more confident and happier.


Franky & Louisa

Myself and my partner had couples counselling with Madeline. We both found therapy very challenging, however Madeline was incredibly supportive throughout. Her empathy, her intuition, her warmth and her openness helped us, over time, to find our way through the difficulties we were facing.
We liked the way that Madeline worked with us. There was a balance in our sessions, we were each given time to talk and get things out on the table.  The homework came as a surprise but we soon came to understand and experience first hand, the benefit to doing it. 
There were times when we had difficult discussions. During those times Madeline really held us, metaphorically. As tough as it got at times, we ended up looking forward to our weekly sessions.

Two Dried Leaves


I just wanted to email to let you know that things have gone back to normal for me. It's been such a big thing (...) and your help in getting through it was invaluable. Your combination of being direct and to the point, non-judgmental and often just simplifying things that I was overcomplicating, gave me some real moments of clarity that stuck and made a difference. I felt like you understood me better than any other therapist I've worked with, and in much shorter time.

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